Mariama Nyelenkeh

Mariama Nyelenkeh is the founder of Making Africa Better. She is a Penn State Graduate with a B.S. in Biobehavioral health and an MBA graduate from American University with a concentration in International Business.

Mariama has strong ties to Africa, particularly, Sierra Leone. She has traveled back and forth to the small West African country since she was a young child as both her parents were born and raised there. Her frequent trips back home fueled her passion to change the infrastructural conditions.

After travelling back and forth to Sierra Leone and other underdeveloped countries for over two decades, Mariama knows the importance of sustainable interventions within a vulnerable population. She is engrossed in philanthropy, leadership, and driving social change.

Along with taking risks and thriving, her previous work, educational, and international experience has made her adept at successfully juggling multiple projects, forging strong partnerships and increasing organizational productivity through innovative and creative strategies; all of which will contribute to the success of Making Africa Better.