Our Vision

We envision a more economically advanced Africa, as a whole.

Our Mission

MAB strives to create long-lasting initiatives and developments that improve the lives of underprivileged African communities.

About MAB

Overall, MAB seeks to address two issues:

1.     Poor infrastructure: Many communities are either underdeveloped or nonexistent.  Some of the major issues are substandard roads which cause many accidents, poor sanitation, old buildings, and out of date facilities and equipment. 

2.     Poverty: Many factors influence poverty including, unemployment, war, famine, lack of education, and diseases. In return, this leads to less access to basic necessities and healthcare, homelessness, malnutrition, mental illness, and crime.

What will Distinguish us?

MAB will only be focusing on Africa. If there is a chance that we will focus on another country outside of Africa, it will be in the sole purpose of benefiting the continent.

There are thousands of non-profit organizations around the world that focus on the development and sustainability of Africa. However, Africa is not the main focus for majority of these organizations. Only certain African countries are helped in inclusion with other countries around the world. And while many organizations also focus on poverty, we will focus on a broader execution in order to slowly eliminate the root of the issues.